How to use sport bikes (part 2)



Cycling is currently the most popular hobbies today however, not everybody knows about the biking posture. If this is prolonged, biking with incorrect posture will lead to many adverse effects and even cause harmon the kneeand spine.

Cycling properly

– Posture

False cycling posture not only affects the effective exercise but also easilycause damages tothe body that are not an exact position.

Biking posture

Good posture: Tilt your body slightly forwards, abdomen compounds, make your armsstraight, try to breathe by the abdomen, thighs both the horizontal bar of the knees and breath, coordinated hips, and then focus on the bicycles view rhythm.

– Speed

Actually, a lot of people are so busy or don’t want to focus onbiking just underneaththeir ability. It is also essential for health but will be better to understand and biking about three times if they use their entire abilities. A typical instance of a biking session inthirty minutes: ten with 20- 25 kilometers per hourof speed to warm up and the timeout to get into the major part, the rest is tobike quickly as springboard card.

In the middle of this process, the bikers must get short breaths, a bit difficult to retain the speed and sweating, yetthis is the essential stage so thatyou should not bike slowerbut try to retain the highest level of speed as long as possible. The last 10 minutes is the time needed to relax so slow bike to go home. To bike with the entire ability, the biker should equip a meter time and speed, to know their highest speed.

– Maneuver

A lot of personstrust that biking is when your feet pushing the pedal, the bike will glide. In reality, the rightbiking wayis consist offour movements: bike, pull, lift and push. From that point, rhythmic biking not only helps to save your energy but also accelerate.

– Elevation saddle

Elevation saddle

When sitting on the bike, the right leg straight with feet flat is at the lowest point of the rotation of the pedal (pedal close to the road surface when the bike in an upright position or farthest point than when you sitting on the bike being angled). Be careful not to screw in the right position “reached” to the pedal, thus stretching the knee will be reasonable, not too “stretched” nor to “coincide”.

The most basic and easiest method to calculatehow tall of the saddle is to geton the bikes and beginto cycle. Note watch your knees on how strong to rise than your hips. Don’t forget to require the others to help you to observe, focus on the position ofyour knee at the “top”. This place is a little lower than your hips are the best.

You should not try to cycle if you still feel afraid of it. The motion of the body when biking is flexible, comfortable and pleasant.

Cycling Safely

Do not try to go quickly or ride with only one hand if you are not still acquainted with cycling as this is very dangerous. If you are newbie, you should dry slowly, watch and ride carefully until you get some experience or at least, be used to cycling. You must know how serious of the consequences in case you ignore this safety caution. It is not only scratches caused from failing out of the bike but also many accidents if you ride on road, especially the busy ones.


Cycling helps to lose weight


There are many methods of exercise to lose weight to bring high efficiency, in which the bicycle is considered a good tool for those who want to improve physique. It is the circular motion of the wheel will help you add the necessary energy and eliminate the excess weight as desired. Exercise bike helps to lose weight with the optimal solution and healthy. Cycling helps you reduce calories, fat burning, lean muscle to bring the spirit and fun.

If you have time, you get up early and rode around the park a few. Fresh air and green surroundings will make you enjoy the refreshing feeling of the day before starting work.

Alternatively, you can bike to school, work or walk around town. This will not only protect the environment, save money, improve health but also help you lose weight quickly as you like.

Cycling helps to lose weight

1. Burning 500calorie / 1h cycling

Scientific studies have shown that when you exercise to lose weight by using a foot pedal in a circle of the wheel will be capable of burning 500 calories per hour. Only after a half hour bike ride, your body starts to use fat reserves in the body. Therefore, you should spend at least 30-45 minutes a day cycling. You can bike 2 times a day, early morning and late afternoon.

Cycling has the same slow walk. Cycling at the speed 20km / h has more energy consumption than pedestrians 5km / h.

Cycling rapidly brings greater efficiency as jogging, no shock to the joints as much as jogging. You can pedal faster or slower depending on their interests and abilities.

2. Practice time reduce belly fat with exercise bicycle

– You should spend at least 30-45 minutes 3 times a day biking in the week and focus on this habit for a while. The training with an exercise bicycle occupies 150 minutes / week to increase resistance and reduce fat.

– You can ride 2 times a day, early morning and late afternoon.

The method effectively reduces belly fat with exercise bike:

Method 1: Cycling outdoors:

If you have time, you get up early and rode around the park a few. Fresh air and green surroundings will make you enjoy the refreshing feeling of the day before starting work. Alternatively, you can bike to school, work or walk around town. Even in the evenings, you can bike to the park, go for a walk with friends, and relax after a tiring day of work.

Method 2: The training indoor training bike with equally cheap outdoor cycling:

– Most exercise bikes provide controls to adjust the resistance, saddle frame.

– Many bikes also allow you to set a speed, such as slow, medium and fast. Allow you to practice other exercises on the vehicle.

– You can relax by listening to music, watch TV and exercise without worrying dust, weather

The training indoor training bike with equally cheap outdoor cycling

3. How to lose belly fat workout on an exercise bicycle best

– Option 1: Start with five minutes at low-speed start, then ride fast for 20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds and repeat this cycle dozens of times. Over time, the expansion rate of 20/10 while increasing resistance and trying to build endurance in your workouts to no rest on.

Sprint is the method bicycle loses belly fat faster by bicycle collective and effective if done regularly. This practice of burning fat on the abdomen and reduce your calorie intake.

– Option 2: Normally, it will take about 5-6 minutes to boot, then gradually increase the speed, and then let loose to recover. This process should be repeated several times during a training session. In the last 10 minutes should go slow and relax the muscles.

– Option 3: The first time you set the intensity of light, about 2-3 days a week for the body to get used to the exercise regime. Then you can gradually increase the intensity and duration of up to obtain clear results.

4. Choice of bicycles

Upon entering the stage of training to lose weight, you should select vehicles matching condition, and your pocketbook. There are 2 forms of cycling: bicycle, indoor and outdoor. It is the best to consult the coach to choose the most suitable type of x echo.

Both have pros 2 vehicles, cons. But if you have time you should choose cycling outdoors, since it helps mentally relaxed, breathe fresh air, more healthy.